"The North-east India Baptists’ vision being fulfilled"

North East Christian University is the combined vision of 7000 Baptist Churches in North East India. Special attention will be given to educationally underdeveloped communities and marginalized groups like women, physically challenged, and socially discriminated individuals.


  • NECU will be strategically located in close proximity to China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, & Bhutan.

  • the epicenter of the 10/40 window also known as the melting pot of Asian cultures & all the major religions of the world.

  • NECU will be located in Nagaland, a Christian majority State—a very tactical place to recruit, train and send out.

  • NECU is a vision to deliver much needed up-to-date quality & relevant education at the post graduate level & higher for south central and south east Asia both through residential and Open University mode.

  • NECU is committed to an educational system that emphasizes on moral values, character formation, and vocation trainings with skills to generate self-employment and social engagement.

  • NECU will have specially designed curriculum that will engage youths in social developmental works in rural Asia providing care for poor family, underdeveloped neighborhood and uneducated society.

  • NECU is an opportunity for Churches in NE India to get collectively involved in something bigger than what they could achieve alone.

  • The University will have multiple departments like:

    Religion, Liberal Arts, Science & Technology, Resource Management, Health and Hygiene, Agricultural Engineering, Architecture, Multimedia Communications, Environmental Science, Fashion Designing, Interior Decoration & other subjects relevant for the region.

    The IT infrastructure will facilitate campus wide internet, multimedia, and online courses.

    With this great prospect we invite you to consider being a partner of North East Christian University.
    Together we can build the future leaders of Asia and impact the region and beyond. If you are interested in Partnering with NECU, Click Here